Izzy and I have now been teaching for 3 days, experienced 30 power cuts and have eaten about 300 plantains (each).

When we walked through the school on day one I felt like a rare, but very naughty species in a zoo. None of the kids knew who these ‘tall white girls’ where… well tall compared to Dominicans… so some of them ran up to us to hold our hands, some used the typical Dominican way to catch your attention and hissed at us, but the most peculiar experience was when the kids would rub our arms then smell us!

On day two we were a little less exciting, but still were rewarded with their shouts of “americana, americana”. Apparently everyone here is either Dominican, Haitian, Chinese or American, so I am not entirely sure where English let alone Scottish fits in.

Today, day three, I was proposed too… by a six-year-old. It was a very romantic occasion during which the small boy (I am still ensure of his name) handed my a lip-shaped lollipop through the bars of the Artistica classroom, told me he loved my green (actually blue) eyes, that I made his heart beat faster and that he wanted to marry me. I gladly accepted the lollipop but declined the marriage proposal which turned out to be a silly plan as he shouted ‘bad Americana’ at me and started to cry.

Tomorrow will be as eventful I am sure!

Hasta Luego!

Sacha xx

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