About me

Hello lovely people,

My name is Sacha and I’m currently 20.


There are three things I perhaps love the most in life: travel, photography and creativity. With this in mind I highly intend to see with my own eyes as many fascinating and beautiful places as I can in my life.

My blog is a snippet of my life, containing adventures I have been on, my guide to travelling, my earrings business, photographs and much more!


Sacha Beee

I started a small earring business at the start of 2018, designing and creating handmade tassel earrings. My aim is to be zero waste, so in order to reach this goal all of the threads are second hand from Charity shops, remake stores or my grandmas cupboard! All of the packing is also 100% recyclable.

If you are interested in seeing more or customising a pair for yourself, my instagram is: @sacha_beee

Email: sachabeee@gmail.com


Disclaimer for Project Trust:

This blog is a personal blog written by Sacha Bushby. As such the views expressed in this blog are those of Sacha Bushby and not those of Project Trust.

Email: monrosacha@gmail.com